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This website presents a detailed information on all principal aspects of the activities of the public institution Vilnius International and National Commercial Arbitration (abbreviated as “Vilnius Arbitration”). It indicates the legal status of Vilnius Arbitration, the fields of its activities and legal preconditions for settlement of commercial disputes at this arbitral institution (sample arbitral clauses of international contracts and national commercial agreements). The website lists the main legal acts regulating the issues related to settlement of commercial disputes in arbitral proceedings (see the Section “Legal grounds for the activity”). A procedure for instituting proceedings to resolve international and national commercial disputes (including the services rendered in compliance with the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and in accordance with the rules of procedure establishing a procedure for eliminating commercial disagreements through mediation and conciliation) is discussed (see the Section “Procedure for instituting proceedings”). The grounds for the activities of specialised arbitral tribunals, namely, the Maritime Arbitral Tribunal, the Energy Arbitral Tribunal, the Transport Arbitral Tribunal, the Electronics and Informatics Arbitral Tribunal, and Construction Arbitral Tribunal, are discussed separately (see the Section “Specialised arbitration”). This website provides lists of LAA recommended arbitrators and mediators, a description of the procedure for entering them into the lists and the code of ethics applicable to the LAA recommended arbitrators and mediators for resolution of commercial disputes (see the Section “Arbitrators and mediators”). On the website, access is provided to texts of the rules of procedure of arbitration and mediation, other rules (see the Section “Rules of procedure”), the Regulations of arbitration fees and costs (see the Section “Expenses of arbitration”. Website contains also other information useful for arbitrators, mediators and economic entities (parties to disputes) (see the Section “Useful information”).